What We Do


At a time of rising drug prices, we bring a different perspective: We believe that lower prescription costs benefit payers, pharmaceutical companies, and consumers. And we are working to make that a reality.

How we’re different.


Our team has deep clinical, financial, and operational expertise as well as decades of industry experience. And they are constantly following complex and changing state and federal laws to maintain the highest standards of compliance for our clients.


We have earned the confidence of our clients and the respect of dozens of pharmaceutical manufacturers. These relationships help us secure rebates and discounts and achieve agreements that lower costs and benefit all parties.


We believe that lowering drug prices and improving the healthcare system requires a win-win approach to business. When drug prices are lower for plans and ultimately consumers, more people can afford their medications, remain adherent, and have better outcomes. This benefits everyone—drug makers, health plans, and most importantly, members.

What drives us

While we are experts in negotiating rebates and discounts, we are driven by a higher purpose: To lower the cost of pharmacy benefits for payers and, in turn, reduce healthcare costs for consumers.